…And You Will Fly was made possible by the generous support of the following contributors:

Major Funding:

Bill and Joan Porter
The Rex Foundation


Material and Financial Contributions:

Charla Hermann, LuLu Silker, Gloria Passarella, Shirley DeLewis, Sylvia Pollack, Jessica Ryn, and Christine Clark


Thank You to those who helped us out along the way:

Peter and Stephanie Coyote, and Carolyn Garcia for their gracious advice.
And all those who listened to the work-in-progress and gave us their valuable feedback.


For their invaluable support in the production we'd like to thank:

Joe Zajonc (sound effects), Michael Yeager (JV-1080),
Thaddeus Moore (everything), David Bender (consultation and musician wrangling), Darcy Du Ruz (voice casting and coaching) Nancee Ireland (catering).


Written by

Nicki Scully, Roland Barker and Mark Hallert

Narrated by

Nicki Scully

Produced by

Roland Barker

Music by

Roland Barker

The Voices

Walter Bender -The Volunteer
Darcy Du Ruz - Raven, Little Cub, Top Squirrel
Tim Miller - The Great Bengal, Ringmaster
Kim Miller -Fortune Teller, Mama Bear
Daniel Shaw - Big Cub, Cub Reporter
Mark Hallert -The Gatekeeper

The Animal Circus Band

Bandleader: David Bender
Tuba: Tyler Molina
Trombone: Ron Batussi
French Horn: Deanna McGlothin
Trumpet, Coronet, Flugelhorn: David Bender
Baritone Sax, Alto Sax: Matt Schevitz
Tenor Sax: Barney Linsley
Drums: Alan Tarpinian

Recorded at Sprout City Studios, Eugene

Engineer: Thaddeus Moore

Graphic Design

Illustrator: Fiona McAuliffe

CD Cover Design: Tamara Kidd

Website: Roland Barker


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