Take this heroic adventure and discover magic, joy and power!

…And You Will Fly! is a new story CD for kids where you are the main character!

Take a walk in the woods and meet two bear cubs who invite you to a secret Animal Circus, where you embark upon an adventure filled with excitement, courage and delightful new animal friends—

…And You Will Fly!

Is a giveaway we have created specially for children facing life-threatening health conditions.








…And You Will Fly! A Children's Story CD



Written by
Nicki Scully, Roland Barker
and Mark Hallert

Narrated by
Nicki Scully

Music by
Roland Barker

Illustrations by
Fiona McAuliffe


The initial impulse to create this CD came over seven years ago when one of Nicki's students suggested it was time she did a children's story recording for kids facing terminal disease. Nicki had produced a series of guided meditation tapes, but these were to support people's spiritual practice— the idea of doing one for kids was totally unexpected, but not long after that the Rex Foundation asked Nicki to submit a proposal for a project. Nicki took that as a confirmation of the idea and submitted a proposal for a healing allegory, a story to help kids facing cancer, leukemia, AIDS and other life-threatening conditions. The money was granted, but the actual work was not to begin until the summer of 1999.

We began by asking ourselves what was needed for these kids? How can a story help them? In a series of collaborative writing sessions the answer and the story took form: The child is introduced to the life-affirming world of the Animal Circus, a circus by and for the animals themselves. There, the child is invited to participate in a self-empowering adventure of courage, wonder and fun.

Now that the production is complete, we now begin the work of getting it out to the kids. We are actively seeking contact with children's hospitals, hospice care centers and home hospice providers, pediatric oncology and palliative care centers. We are making connections on the Web with sites for kids, foundations and organizations, and the wide array of support sites sharing people's experiences, knowledge and insight— the heart and soul of it.

It is our belief that this story is of help. It's an experience, a journey of discovery, and as such is understood by each listener according to who they are. It's for all kids (of all ages!), but especially for those facing the pain, fear and uncertainty of life-threatening disease and it's treatment. They are often in need of help and support and it is our hope that this may address that need in a joyful way.


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