About Us

Nicki Scully is an author, teacher and healing practitioner.

Roland Barker is a composer, music producer and web designer.

Mark Hallert is a master storyteller and visionary.


Nicki and Roland have been collaborating on a series of Alchemical Healing guided meditation recordings since 1988. In 1990, we produced our first giveaway, The Cauldron Journey for Healing featuring Jerry Garcia. The recording is a journey with the goddess Kuan Yin, specifically for people suffering from AIDS and leukemia. Thousands of these tapes have been sold or given away, with support for this project continuing.

The impetus for the first Animal Circus recording came with a grant from the Grateful Dead's Rex Foundation. When it came time to write the script, we realized it needed to be a collaboration between Mark, Nicki and Roland. The sessions were brilliant and inspired— we felt we had tapped into something bigger and mostly just let it take form.

This CD is offered in the same spirit of generosity with which it came to us. It is our sincere hope that it will be of help.

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